Yecora Rojo whole wheat
  • Yecora Rojo is a hard red winter wheat with a protein level of 13.5% and a creamy/buttery, malty flavor profile. This makes it an excellent choice for croissants or bread rolls.

    Yecora Rojo whole wheat

    Flour quality
      Yecora Rojo - a favorite of Tartine - is an American landrace wheat, that was developed by the International Maize & Wheat Improvement Center in Cooperation with the Mexican ministry of Agriculture in Mexico in the early 1970s. 
      It is texturally smooth and lightweight, which makes it a standout performer for bread making; the buttery and creamy flavors enhance the end results of any baked item. ​​​ Yecora Rojo flour is suitable for baking artisan hearth breads, cookies, brownies, rolls, croissants, crackers.

      The whole wheat quality is stone-milled at Dutch Fika (grain berries sourced from Barton Springs Mill).

      The '00' type quality is stone-milled and sifted at Barton Springs Mill. 


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