Otto's Spelt bread - per lb
  • Otto's Spelt bread is boule-shaped and made with freshly stone-milled spelt (a pre-historical wheat variety), using a methode en direct (proofing within 3h).

    The boule weighs about 1lb 5oz (600 g).

    Otto's Spelt bread - per lb

    • During his life, Otto was both my father in law and a renown archeoligist who specialized in the living and farming methods in the stone age. He developed a bread recipe with spelt long before sourdough baking, sustainable farming and pre-historical grains made it into mainstream. I fell in love with the crust and texture the very first time I was presented a sliver of bread fresh from the oven.

      He made his bread with spelt , water, salt and yeast, baking the breads in tins. I have added a bit Turkey red, for shaping purposes.


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