Nordic rye bread
  • Dutch Fika's Nordic rye bread has an open crumb which makes it an excellent bread for savory or sweet sandwhiches.

    Nordic rye bread

    • Our Nordic 100% rye sourdough bread is made with the classic 3 ingredients: rye, water and salt. The wild yeast* in the levain is responsible for the formation of the moist open crumb. Using a direct fermentation method of 2-3h results in a rye bread with only the mildest hint of the lactic acid flavor associated with sourdough breads.

      * wild yeast cells are present in their dorment (sleeping) form on the outside of the rye kernels; addition of water will awaken the yeast cells and their 'feasting on the flour' inside the dough is responsible for both the leviation of the dough as well as the typical lactic acid taste.


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