Emmer whole wheat
  • Emmer is one of three ancient grains (along with einkorn and spelt) that constitute farro. It was first cultivated 9,600 BC in the Fertile Crescent. Emmer has antioxidant properties and is a great source of protein.

    Emmer whole wheat

    Flour quality
    • Emmer has different gluten molecules from wheat (cave! not suitable in cealiac disease). The applications for this delicious and uniquely flavored grain are endless - mixing this flour with any other hard red winter wheat flours for fast rising yeast breads, pasta, pancakes, etc. 

      The whole wheat quality is stone-milled at Dutch Fika (grain berries sourced from Barton Springs Mill).

      The '00' type quality is stone-milled and sifted at Barton Springs Mill. 


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