Dutch Fika's Landbrot - 10 seed per lb
  • Dutch Fika's Landbrot - country loaf - is boule-shaped sourdough loaf made with blends of freshly stone-milled heirloom rye and wheat varieties, using a methode en direct (proofing within 3h) and 10 different varieties of seeds.

    Our Landbrote weigh about 1lb 5oz (550 - 600 g).

    Dutch Fika's Landbrot - 10 seed per lb

    • The ingredients in a Landbrot are very simple: rye, wheat, water, salt and levain for the fermentation 

      AND sunflower, pumpkin, sesame (white/black), flax (brown/golden), psyllium, hemp, alfalfa and chia seeds.


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