Specicalty bread - Dutch Fika knäckebröd - (125 g)
  • Our knäckebröd is a zwieback, where bread is first baked as a pan loaf and then each slice is baked a second time until they are crisp. We offer a 100% rye and a rye/emmer blend with seeds, fruits and nuts. 

    Specicalty bread - Dutch Fika knäckebröd - (125 g)

    Knäckebröd style
    • Dutch Fika sourdough knäckebröd is a fermented zwieback, ideal for cheese boards and the like.

      Knäckebröd varieties include 100% rye or mix rye/emmer w. seeds, fruits and nuts and 100% wheat, with either dried fruits or w. herbs.


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