Sonora whole wheat
  • Sonora is a soft white winter wheat with a protein level of 10.83% and a rich buttery and nutty flavor. It's an excellent flour for tortillas.

    Sonora whole wheat

    Flour quality
    • Sonora is one of the oldest surviving heirloom wheat variety anywhere in North America. Predating Red Fife and Turkey Red wheat, it is a soft white, round winter wheat with pale red grains.

      Although the earliest records of its existence in the mountain plains of Sonora, Mexico are from the 1700s, the wheat surely predates that century by generations.

      It was widely planted in California by the early 1800s and used mainly to bake tortillas.

      Sonora has a nutty, buttery flavor that is well suited for richly flavored breads (up to 50%), pastries and piecrusts. 

      The whole wheat quality is stone-milled at Dutch Fika (grain berries sourced from Barton Springs Mill).

      The '00' type quality is stone-milled and sifted at Barton Springs Mill. 


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