Bono rye whole grain
  • Bono rye is a rye cultivar from Germany that reached the United States only very recently.

    Bono rye whole grain

    Flour quality

      Rye is loved for it enormous health benefits and low glycemic index. Furthermore, this grain type is high in the important B vitamins and the crucial minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, chrome, phosphorus, iodine, and boron. 

      Bono rye has a couple of advantages over other rye varieties. It has a relatively high falling number, high amylograph peak viscosity and high hydration capacity, making for a dough that has good elevation properties and a quick onset of the fermentation and a great moisture level in the baked product.

      Both the whole-kernel rye flour and cracked rye deliver a rich, hearty taste.

      Rye added to a wheat loaf boosts both its flavor and moisture. It is also delicious in brownies, pancakes and cookies.

      The whole grain flour and cracked (raw bulgur) qualities are stone-milled at Dutch Fika (organic grain berries sourced from the Mill at Jamies Farm).


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