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How we make our Bread


Baking Studio-40.jpg

step 1: milling and mixing

Rye and wheat varieties for the bread are selected, freshly stone-milled at our bakery and added to our signature rye levain (a mixture of rye flour and water).

Additional ingredients like fruits, seeds, nuts and/or herbs may be added into the dough mixture.

All organic. All non-GMO.

All our loaves are hand made and we prefer to give them the time and attention needed for optimal fermentation. We don't have use for chemicals that speed this process up. We like our proofing rest!

How we bake
Baking Studio-42.jpg
Baking Studio-78.jpg

- we take our time - 

step 2: proofing

   step 3: shaping and baking

After proofing 'en bulk', the dough is divided in loaf size portions

Baking Studio-56.jpg

The dough is shaped into either as a boule or a batard, which are baked in our seasoned blue steel loaf pans

Baking Studio-63.jpg

The dough is allowed to rest one final time before it goes into the oven



I will gladly share my recipes with you for these

healthy breads, without the sugar, without the side effects

Dutch Fika Knipbrood

- baked golden brown in seasoned blue steel tins -

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