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  • What are heritage grains?
    The term heritage, or heirloom grains refers to wheat varieties that were 'developed' before the use of dwarfing genes in the early 1950s. With the ancient grains (Emmer, Spelt, Einkorn, Kamut) being their hulled relatives that have been cultivated by humanity for well over 5000 yrs.
  • What is the big difference between heritage wheat and modern wheat?
  • What is the significance of stone-milling grains?
  • What is the big difference between breads from the supermarket and bread from Dutch Fika (bar the price...)
  • Why is Dutch Fika's sourdough bread so different from other sourdough breads?
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We use heritage recipes, and prefer to use little to  


We source our ingredients from local growers and producers, who adhere to the organic and sustainable principles as much as we do.

We do not add preservatives or other chemicals to our bakings, EVER.

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