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Our Partners


We use only farm-fresh ingredients, that we source as local as possible;

And  along our journey, some of our suppliers have become true PARTNERS



Dedicated farmers have made a large variety of organically cultivated heritage grains available to bakeries and home bakers. Grown the way humans have for thousands of years, these heirloom wheat, rye, corn and rice varieties are exactly what we - and our  gut - used to eat.

We source our grains from three such farms/millers:

 - Barton Springs Mill

- The Mill at Janie's Farm

- Carolina Ground

And freshly stone-mill them into flour for our breads and pastries.





We love our honey from the Hickory Creek family farm in Apple Creek Texas. They started farming their land in a sustainable over 40 years ago and are still going strong. Bees get their pick from a wide variety of  flower-, tree- and vegetable blossoms when they go foraging a land that has not seen pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers for decades.

If we have their honey in stock - beehives are disturbed to harvest honey only twice a year - you can buy it online with us.

How we bake
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