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My name is  Marguerite and I am very pleased to meet you here at Dutch Fika.

Small businesses are said to be a reflection of their owners. I guess that's true for me and Dutch Fika! 

Dutch-Fika is a mix of my Dutch/Swedish heritage, my background in pharmaceutical chemistry and teaching and my love for good bread.

Despite being an introvert, I truly enjoy meeting people, so don't be surprised when you pick up your bread if you end up in a long conversation with me about bread, flour, heritage grains, milling and recipes. Favorite topics include the difference in nutritional value between modern wheat and heritage grains as well as the difference in their digestion: heritage grains lead to a happy body instead of a bloated and still hungry one.

If you like to sit down with me to go through an entire education about grains & guts & sugar and healthy metabolism, please let me know upfront, and do grab me a soy latte from next door EQ Coffee shop before we sit down on the back porch.

"And if you have any particular questions, send me an email! ."


If you are looking for more information about the ingredients used at Dutch Fika, I would like to invite you to visit our our partners page. That's  where I list the places that provide me with my staple ingredients.


However, I do want to highlight one partner that you should check out regardless: Central City Coop,  The olace in Houston for fresh produce, dairy and egg (I get my butter, milk and eggs from there and any seasonal produce that I can use in my bakery).

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Dutch Fika's Pick-up Location

1034 Heights Boulevard

Houston, TX 77008


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